Nights ago

Late! Ughh

#OneLessFan #FlyYoungRedIsThaMFTruth @fly_young_red #FlyNation

Still not on the level of drunk that I want to be on! I need a #TTBP @fly_young_red #ItsLevelsToThisGayShitToo

I’m so #FlyNation that I have to say whoever Blocked bae in whatever country can SMFD I got a inch for Y’all to suck for each country it’s blocked in! Stupid Bitch mad he was gunna have more publicity for his dope ass version then her lil bullshit. LMFAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO & SMD TAYLOR SWIFT YOURE ON MY SHITLIST BITCH!

I wish there was more

@desiredbeautyy & I

Pass Me The Hookah

Me And Aaliyah BBE Challenge
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Couple of nights ago on cloud 9
( Photo creds to @yylesor )